Monday, June 18, 2012

SOMALIA: Puntland forces clash with Somaliland troops in Sool region

On Saturday forces loyal to the Puntland government recaptured a strategic border village of Tukaraq near Laas Caanood, the regional capital of the disputed region of Sool.
Earlier the Puntland forces that were stationed near the village of Tukaraq withdrew from the area, after some soldier of Puntland joined the militia of Khatumo administration, which is a local administration that is seeking their own state as part of the Somali Federation.
Khatumo administration was created by the elders of Dhulbahante Clan, the dominant clan in the disputed regions of Sool & Cayn. Khatuumo militia have previously clashed with Somaliland troops in the town of Buhoodle and Laas Caanood.
Puntland and Somaliland both don’t recognize the Khatumo administration, however the President of the Federal Transitional government based in Mogadishu, Sheikh sharif Ahmed, called the Khatumo administration as part of their federal regional governments.
This week few soldiers from Puntland side joined the Khatumo troops in the area of Tukaraq, this led to Somaliland forces attacking the village, Khatumo militia then abandoned the village.
Puntland government spokesman said they retook the village back from the Somaliland after skirmeshs near the village. So far both sides say there were no casualties on their side.
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