Friday, June 15, 2012

Al Shabab Attacks Somali, Ethiopians Forces in Yurkud,Gedo Region

Yurkud — A witness says Al shabab fighters have launched an attack on Somali and Ethiopian troops in Yurkut village which locates near the border between Bay and Gedo regions of southwestern Somalia.
The fighting broke out when Al shabab fighters armed with heavy and small weapons ambushed a convoy of vehicles carrying Somali and Ethiopian forces in Yurkud village, sparking face-to-face confrontation.
Residents in the two nearest villages say they heard explosions and gun fire which they believe to be an indication of heavy fighting erupted in Yurkud on Thursday afternoon.
"The fighting is now over and (the Al Shabab) have been heavily repelled during the attack and many of their fighters were killed by the coalition forces," said Isac Gees-dheer, ASWJ official who gave an interview to Shabelle Media.
Shabelle Media cannot independently confirm the casualties of the warring sides, but ASWJ claims victory.
Somali government and Al shabab are yet to comment on the battle. Yurkut is a key position on the supply line for Ethiopian forces in Bay and Gedo region of southwestern Somalia.
Al shabab which merged Al Qaeda early this year continues to carry out attacks on Ethiopian, AMISOM and Somali troops despite the group was pushed out from several towns they controlled in south and central Somalia.

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