Saturday, December 17, 2011

Somalia Clans Agrees to Help Al-Shabaab Fight Ethiopia

In a formal agreement, the Duduble sub-clan of Hawiye clan on Thursday agreed to assist the Islamic militant group, al-Shabaab, in their fight against Ethiopian forces which have entered Somalia.
The agreement was signed in El-bur District of Galgadud region by al-Shabaab’s Galgadud region chairman, Sheikh awale Mohamed Ali, and elders of the Duduble clan.

Sheikh Awale Mohamed Ali welcomed the agreement and praised the clan's support of al-shabaab in their fight against Somali’s Traditional Federal Governments (TFG) and its allies, including African Union peacekeeping forces (AMISOM), Kenya and Ethiopia.

He added that the clans always help when it comes to religion.

"I advised all Somali tribes to support al-shabaab in defending our religion and country. We have promised to fight both Ethiopian and Kenyan troops who entered our country," said the sheikh.

Elders of Duduble clan in El-bur district refused to comment on the agreement, but local residents confirmed the plan.

''Yes, elders of Duduble clan who lives El-bur district agreed with al-shabaab to fight against Ethiopian troops who entered Somalia," Ahmed Warsame, a resident of El-bur District, told Somalia Report.

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