Sunday, March 4, 2012

SOMALIA: Ethiopian forces detain politicians and scholars in Baidoa town Horn of Africa News:

Residents in Baidoa town say that the Ethiopian forces in the town on Friday detained 30 people including famous politicians and scholars in Baidoa town.

The Ethiopian forces aiding Somalia government troops in the town arrested the politicians and the scholars on Friday afternoon as search operation carried in the centre of the town.

Prof Ibrahim Muse Herow, Somali scholar in Mogadishu says the detained people are mostly lecturers of Baidoa University and several well known elders who were having particular meeting near Afar Irdodka junction in the centre of Baidoa.

“We heard that these people were arrested for security operation, but we confirm that they are not involved in any security threat they are the ordinary citizens of the town” Prof Herow told RBC Radio.

Prof Mohamed Ali Kalay, former minister and the current dean of Baidoa University was also arrested in the operation, Prof Herow told RBC Radio.

“Prof Kalay was severely tortured and he is now in the detention.” He added.

On the other hand, in a contact with Abdufatah Ibrahim Gesey who is the governor of Bay region has verified the arrest of the scholars and politicians in Baidoa town for security matters but he said they will be released soon.

Since the end of last month Somalia Government forces with their allies of Ethiopians have been dominating Baidoa town, which is 245 KM south of Somalia capital, Mogadishu.

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