Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Somalia: "Does Puntland Deserves hate and aggression”

By: Zakaria Jama

Through the past moving history the name “Land-of punt” came into existence at the time of Egyptian empire which had a historic business with the people of the “northern regions of Somalia”. If we refer the colonial period the people of these regions were involved many battles against the western colonial, as we are Somalis as whole our recordings of the history is very poor and nowadays for negative perspective.

On 1991, short while after the collapse of the central government of Somalia the northern regions “puntland” were almost empty there were only few thousands of people in the cities and most of the people were nomads, there has been a countable number of houses in the cities, fortunately, the land which has been evacuated welcomed his off springs again with open hand and less resources “infrastructure”. The people started striving to create settlement and development simultaneously.

We all know the history of puntland what I am here to point out is “Why our Somali brothers are in fight against puntland and its people?” While I was in my research I have gone through the solid idea of the people of puntland. I found out things which puntlanders believe
1. To find Somalia back on truck and pay price “wealth, blood and mainly positive thinking”

2. Somalia is like house and puntland Is like room ‘clean your room first them move to next door’

What we can assume here is the straggle to find south Somalia to let all the difference away and think with fresh mind. Recently puntland government hosted two conferences for Somalia peacefully, puntland leftover all their demands with the sake of the Somali people who are in hunger and danger.

London conference: In London, Somalia conference puntland officials again with the respect of Somalis they gave-up delivering a speech as everyone aware all the internationals representatives over a 52 countries supported Garowe principals and mentioned the greatest job ever Somalis achieved is to hold a conference within Somalia peacefully “Garowe-puntlannd”.
There have been many Somali channels and news websites debating the future of Somalia as well as the Garowe conference all discussions and the faces of the people were turning over garowe saying garowe is fine but Mogadishu could have been batter “why?” Let’s figure it out.

On 25th night feb. The Uk Somali Diaspora organized meeting to welcome all the London conference participants that was really nice intention to unite all Somalis from corner to corner but the questions is was the show done by the districts of Mogadishu? Without do respect the crowd seems organized to support not Somalia but one particular friend who might behind them to do so and that is the mayor of Mogadishu.

Today, we all know the TFG is federal not unitary state the organizers were recurring the name of the failed system “Democratic republic of Somalia” and even ignoring the efforts of puntland all the people were just focusing the lost capital and giving all the credit to the mayor, is that fair or puntland deserves hate or appreciation though the puntlanders did not wait honor from the others but from themselves.

I am concluding my article to remind the southern brothers puntland people were those who faced the biggest fall out in Somalia they lost everything they had in Mogadishu and at moment started new life and willing still to guide the right way to restore peace and stability for the rest Somalia.

I close with this scenario, “If you do something bad with your brother without his knowledge you’ll feel guilty every time you see him so to cover up that naturally you should create noise and complaining him” our brother you should stop covering up Puntland is to help you but not to diminish.

Zakaria Jama

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